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The Gateway 2015

York Region Conference for Internationally Educated Professionals (IEPs)

On November 9th, 2015, York Region Local Immigration Partnership hosted its second conference for Internationally Educated Professionals-The Gateway.

Who Attended?

Over 500 IEPs, employers, service providers and government representatives attended the conference on November 9th.

Attendees included:

  • Internationally Educated Professionals looking to develop their careers
  • Newcomers to Canada looking for a better understanding of the Canadian job market
  • York Region employers wanting to share best practices for successful job-skill matching
  • Community organizations wanting to reach out to newcomers with their service offerings
  • Licensing bodies looking to create awareness of their professional requirements
  • Professional Associations looking to attract highly educated and skilled professionals
  • Settlement organizations wanting to demonstrate the work they do for the newcomer community
  • Educational Institutions looking to showcase their academic bridging programs

Why is The Gateway crucial to York Region economic prosperity?

With 25 per cent of York Region workforce expected to retire over the next five years, our businesses are faced with an impending labour market shortage, particularly in fields requiring post-secondary education.

A key solution to this problem rests with the 10,000 to 12,000 highly skilled and educated immigrants that arrive in York Region each year. For employers to be able to access this pool of talent, York Region needs to support the successful economic integration of newcomers in our communities.

The Gateway 2015 conference connected newcomers with opportunities and employers with talent by:

  • Helping newcomers better understand the Canadian work culture, labour market, and accreditation process
  • Increasing newcomers awareness of community groups and services available to them
  • Reinforcing the value of networking among IEPs
  • Strengthening York Region economy by fostering entrepreneurial opportunities for newcomers who can enhance the Region international networks and global perspectives
  • Helping employers improve their job-skill matching to leverage the international experiences of IEPs as an approach to solving labour market shortages and to help their businesses successfully compete in the global market

The Gateway 2015 allowed newcomers and employers the opportunity to CONNECT, ENGAGE, and INSPIRE.

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