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The 2017-2021 Newcomer Strategy. This strategy builds on the work already achieved through the Immigration Settlement Strategy and supports York Region’s vision for a welcoming and inclusive community where newcomers are supported, engaged and thriving.

Highlights from Cultural and Religious Diversity Dialogues From April to June 2015, York Region sought input through a campaign called Let’s Talk Inclusion. This report summarizes the input collected from newcomers, long-time residents, businesses, community organizations, public institutions, faith groups, and others on diversity and inclusion in York Region. The input received will inform the development of York Region Diversity and Inclusion Charter.

Leading Change. Building Community. Immigration Settlement Strategy - Final Report. This report gives a final update of the Action Plan of the York Region Immigration Settlement Strategy released in 2011.

Strengthening Diversity in Your Organization: A Self-Assessment Tool – this tool helps organizations of all types better meet the needs of diverse communities. Given the increasing diversity in York Region, this tool is one mechanism that can help organizations become more responsive.

Leading Change. Building Community. Immigration Settlement Strategy - Midterm Progress Report. This report shows the midterm progress of the York Region Immigration Settlement Strategy that was released in 2011.

Leading Change for a Stronger Community - Community Partnership Council Collective Action Plan 2012 - 2015. This document is a three-year action plan that supports the integration of newcomers living in York Region and moves the Immigration Settlement Strategy from talk to action.

York Region Local Immigration Partnership: Immigration Settlement Strategy sets a vision to support the overall well-being of newcomers to create a community that is welcoming and inclusive for all residents. The Strategy was funded by the Government of Canada through Citizenship and Immigration Canada.

Reports to York Regional Council

Relevant reports and documents for York Region LIP Initiative are posted here.

Other Information

Relevant publications and resources about diversity of residents living in York Region.