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Transportation in York Region

Canada has an efficient and modern transportation system. Whether you are travelling around or outside of York Region, there are many ways to get you where you want to go.

Public Transit

Around York Region

YRT/VIVA, York Region's public transit system, is one of the best in North America. This service is fast and affordable. The transit system has two parts, York Region Transit (YRT) and VIVA, which provides local and rapid transit service across York Region.

If you need to get around York Region:

  • YRT services the residential parts of York Region. Visit the YRT/VIVA website for more information.
  • VIVA services the major roads in York Region.
  • myRide Travel Training Program - A transit support program that prepares people to make independent journeys using YRT/Viva services. myRide is for people of all ages and abilities who need additional transit education, knowledge and skill. Working in partnership with community organizations, the program responds to individual needs and abilities, with training sessions ranging from group sessions that familiarize participants with the YRT/Viva system, to intensive one-on-one transit training.
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With more than 120 routes to over 4,800 bus stops across the nine municipalities of York Region, YRT and Viva offer a convenient way to explore York Region, with easy connections to Toronto, Durham and Peel Regions.

To ride on the transit system, you must buy a ticket or a pass from a machine at station locations or from a ticket agent (which will be found in most convenience stores throughout the Region). Please note that the bus drivers do not have change and do not give money back.

If you are travelling on the YRT into Toronto, Peel or Durham, different fares may be required for each region. Check with the respective transit line for more information.

Outside of York Region

If you need to travel outside of York Region:

  • GO Transit System has many bus and train routes from York Region to the City of Toronto. It is fast and efficient.
  • TTC (Toronto Transit Commission) is a quick and easy way to get around Toronto. The subway system is linked with buses and streetcars to get you to where you are going.
  • Greyhound Bus provides bus service to anywhere in North America.
  • Via Rail operates train travel across Canada.


York Region is part of a large road system including several multi-lane super highways making it easy to get around by car.

To drive a car, motorcycle or scooter in Ontario you need to:

There are many places to buy cars in York Region, including manufacturer car dealers, used car dealers and individuals. You can find cars for sale in the classified section of the local newspapers under, "Cars for sale".


York Region residents have access to the following airports:

  • Pearson International Airport is the largest airport in Canada with flights to major cities around the world.
  • Buttonville Municipal Airport is operated by Toronto Airways Limited. This airport provides flight lessons, sightseeing rentals, and tickets for flights to towns and cities in southern Ontario.


Biking is a great way to get around York Region. It is important when biking that you follow all the necessary road rules and regulations, along with wearing all of the appropriate safety equipment. For more information on safe biking, please visit Ontario’s guide to safe cycling.

York Cycling contains interactive maps, information on proposals to make cycling easier for residents, and trail maps for you to use when cycling in York Region.


To find out more about transportation services in York Region, here are some helpful links:

  • Ontario Ministry of Transportation - detailed information on motor vehicles in Ontario that must be licensed and insured. Motor vehicles include cars, trucks, motorcycles, mopeds, mobile homes,  snowmobiles, trailers, etc.
  • Vehicle Registration - locations in York Region where a vehicle can be registered.
  • Driver training courses - list of government-approved course providers in Ontario. 
  • Official Road Map of Ontario - select a city to see the road map for that area.
  • Taxis and other transportation services - search the yellow pages for a list of taxis and other transportation services in York  Region. For example, in the category field, type 'taxi' and in the city field, type 'york'.
  • Smart Commute - providing workplace-based support, such as carpool-matching and employee vanpool programs, as well as a variety of incentives to walk, cycle and take the transit.
  • - consumer website that provides vehicle search information, reviews, articles and advice about purchasing a vehicle.