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Find Housing in York Region

York Region is a fast growing community that offers housing options for everyone. You can live in cities, in smaller towns, or in the country. Cities offer people a wide variety of services and activities. Country living offers people quiet, natural settings.

There are several different types of housing options to choose from:

  • A single detached house is not attached to any other house. This type of home offers privacy and has a high resale value.
  • A semi-detached house is one building with two houses. It offers some privacy and a good resale value.
  • A town house or row house means more than three homes side-by-side. Town houses have the advantage of security and less exterior maintenance. Some have shared amenities such as swimming pools and tennis courts.
  • Condominium/Apartment buildings contain many homes in one building usually called units. York Region has many condominiums (also called "condos"). Condominiums are housing units that people own within the same building or townhouse complex. Owners share the expense for common areas and facilities. Apartment buildings in York Region can be from three to 30 storeys in height.

Take a closer look at York Region's nine local municipalities to find out more about what each area offers. 

Renting or Buying

You can rent or buy any of the housing options available. Choosing whether to rent or buy depends on what you can afford and how long you plan on staying.


Renting for a period of time allows you to learn more about a new community before you decide where you want to buy a house. Renting can be a cheaper option than buying.

The cost of renting depends on the size and location and whether or not utilities are included in the rent. If utilities are included, the rent is usually higher.

Finding a Place to Rent

  • Local newspapers - advertise housing units for rent throughout York Region.
  • York Region Social Housing provides information about how to get on the waiting list for social housing. Social Housing provides affordable rental housing for people whose income prevents them from finding adequate housing in the private rental market. Many people who live in social housing pay a rent that is based on their income.


The cost of housing in York Region depends on the type of  home and its location. Most people borrow money from a bank to help pay for their home. This is called a mortgage. To buy a house, you need to have a credit rating. In addition to the mortgage costs, additional costs include property taxes, utilities (water, heat, electricity, etc.) and insurance.

Finding a Place to Buy

Real Estate Agents

Real estate companies have agents  that can help you buy a home. Many companies and agents have listings in the telephone book and local newspapers. Real estate agents know the communities in York Region and can show you homes in your price range. They work to find a house that meets your needs,  for example, near a school or close to public transit.

Housing Services in York Region

York Region is an attractive community. With more than one million residents and 29,000 businesses employing 495,000 people, our Region is rich in diversity and opportunity. A place people are proud to call home.

But the fact is, the cost of living in our Region is rising and low to moderate income households are having trouble keeping up. To be affordable, housing costs should consume less than 30 per cent of your income. For those in our community that find themselves struggling each month to make ends meet, York Region offers a variety of housing support programs.

Emergency shelters provide temporary housing for individuals or families who are homeless or who are fleeing dangerous situations. The Community Services and Housing Department helps eligible shelter residents by providing financial support for board and lodging.


For more information about housing in York Region and Ontario:

Home Repair Grants for Seniors and people with a disability - The York Region Home Repairs for Independent Living pilot program is now accepting applications from residents. The program provides grants to eligible people with a disability or seniors who need to make repairs to their home to increase accessibility and improve safety. The program provides grants up to $5,000 to eligible people to help with home improvements. For eligibility requirements and the application, please email, call 1-888-256-1112 (TTY 905-762-0401) - learn about housing options and how to find a home that's right for your family.
Landlord and Tenant Board - Ontario government department that explains the rights and obligations of landlords and tenants.
Canada Mortgage and Housing Corporation - when buying a house, it is very important to read the information about mortgage and loans. 
Canadian Real Estate Association (CREA) - represents more than 92,000 real estate brokers, agents and salespeople.
Yellow Pages - listings for companies and agencies that can help you find a home or mortgage in York Region.
Welcome Wagon - helps people new to a neighbourhood and provides information about the community.
Renters Hotline - lists apartments for rent in Ontario.