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Cultural Groups and
Faith Communities

York Region is a growing, vibrant community, home to more than 200 distinct ethnic groups. The ethnic diversity of York Region has made our communities rich in cultures that span the globe.

Cultural Groups

When people move to a new area or country, they find that it can be helpful to contact others who share their language, culture and customs. York Region and the Greater Toronto Area have many cultural organizations.

Faith Communities

People moving to a new community can find faith communities good places to meet new people, strengthen English language skills and worship. Many faith communities also offer volunteer opportunities that can help people new to York Region gain important contacts and experiences that can help in many other areas of their lives.


For more information about cultural groups and faith communities in York Region and Ontario:

  • CIVC Community Information and Volunteer Centre York Region - provides a comprehensive database of records on various faith and cultural groups.
  • The office of Francophone Affairs - works together with provincial ministries to ensure the French Language Services Act is applied and ensures that the public has access to services in French.
  • York Region Media Group - is a community website serving residents and businesses of York Region. It provides local news, event information, a business and community directory, movie and real estate listings, and employment listings.

Want an idea of how diverse York Region will be in the year 2031? Read Projections on the Diversity of York Region.

For more information about the distinct cultures and ethnic groups living in York Region, read our Just the Facts about Your Community brochure, "Diversity of Residents Living in York Region: Ethnic Origin and Visible Minorities".